Swansong for a Raven (SfaR) started during summer 2007, created by Julien on bass and Estelle on vocals.
They wanted SfaR to have a very strong visual identity.

In december 2008, the promo video for the song Baby Goth Metal was shot. It was a reference to all the styles which used to influence the band back then.
The first autoproduced EP « Secret » has been released in february 2009 and was featuring this video.

After that, SfaR started to forge its name on the local scene, and played with the Japanese band Anli Pollicino at the Grillen in Colmar, and also at the 2010 Artefacts festival which took place at La Laiterie in Strasbourg.

On the 1st of July 2011, the band released their first album « Love, Darkness and Decadence » which will definitely pose the bases of their style.

After numerous concerts and the release of the One more on the Road PV and single, most of the members of Swansong for a Raven decided to leave the band in July 2012.

Julien and Estelle decided to take advantage of this change to give the band a new musical direction.
The band has been on hiatus for almost a year before coming back in a new form.

In summer 2013, seven years after the beggining of the band even tough it’s the same name Julien and Estelle come back with a whole new style.
The new music is composed only of strong distrorded bass guitar, drums and vocals for a whole new sound.

After making 3 new videoclips (Youtube Channel here), the band went to Japan for 2 concerts, and after that, in december 2013, they joined the Japanese band Eat You Alive as opening band for their European Tour.